SECURON insurance broker GmbH, Partner of MARTENS & PRAHL Group

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A firm of insurance brokers, SECURON was founded in 1987 and as a partner of MARTENS & PRAHL Group, which maintains more than 70 offices all over Germany, is a competent partner at your side. As insurance brokers, we are independent of insurance companies. As a result, we offer a high degree of objective advice.

SECURON - A strong partner at your side

We analyze and evaluate your current insurance portfolio on the basis of:

  • your actual insurance needs
  • your insurance gaps
  • the price-performance-ratio

We will present these results to you and will advise you on any possible improvements.
We will be your only contact partner for all insurance issues, whether contractual matters or incidents of loss. We work together with renowned insurers. In addition to the conclusion of contracts, we will also assist you with all aspects of claims adjustment.

We will attend to your interests towards insurers.
We will act solely in your interests and will attend to your interests towards insurers. We consider ourselves an "advocate of our clients" in all insurance issues.
You will not incur any additional costs as our broker's commissions will be paid by the insurers.

Our principle: For each problem, our team will present a personalized solution. We take our clients' satisfaction following a claim as a yardstick.

You will save time and money, because all your insurance-related tasks have been assigned to us.

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